Rag Doll Kitten Checks Out Mom’s Skateboard, Eager To Take It For A Ride

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 24, 2024

We are head over heels for cats and kittens. They are truly the most precious beings imaginable. There are actually people out there who don’t think cats have personalities like dogs do. We scoff at that assumption! Cats are funny, frisky, mischievous, and loyal. They can also be goofballs, eager to make their mom and dad laugh. We found a kitten, named Puka, or as her mom calls her, Pookie, who is a total character. If you know of a non-cat lover, then this is the kitty they must meet. They’ll be converted immediately!

Puka isn’t just cute– she is clever and full of character. Her mom, who is obviously in love with Puka, was filming her kitty one day when she walked up to Mom’s skateboard and climbed onto it. The feline was immediately smitten with it! She happily sat, taking in its magic. Puka’s mom continued to watch her, eager to see what she would do next.

To her mama’s surprise, Puka understood how the skateboard worked. She learned to jump onto it with enough momentum so it would glide along the floor. In fact, she even uses her paws to push off like a true pro. Smart kitty! She’s in her glory, for sure! Kittens are naturally curious; it’s no wonder Puka likes to try new things.

We can’t get enough of this kitten! To see her skate, check out the TikTok video below. We promise you will fall in love with Puka too!

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She is obsessed with this skateboard!! #ragdoll #kitten

♬ sonido original – SONIDOS LARGOS

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