Weird Cat That’s ‘Unadoptable’ Fancies Long Walks And Going Shopping

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 24, 2023

A cat photographer, Tonka, met Pugsley after he was rescued from a hoarding situation. He was the only cat in a sea of dogs. The poor kitty was covered in scars and had multiple infections. Tonka works with shelters, taking the kitties’ photos to help them find loving homes.

When Tonka read Pugsley’s description, it stated that he’s not photogenic. Tonka was up for the challenge, but when she met the cat, her job turned into a love fest! She decided to foster Pugsley. The cat didn’t behave like a “normal feline.” He didn’t explore his new digs. All he wanted was to snuggle up with his foster mom.

Tonka couldn’t imagine parting with Pugsley, and he officially became a foster fail. Pugsley has quite the personality. He goes out with his mom on a leash and absolutely loves people. At the store, he will jump into strangers’ shopping carts, yearning for their attention. Tonka believes his unique personality stems from being raised around dogs.

Pugsley lives with other cats that are females. Tonka says that he isn’t a fan of his sisters. But even when they smack him around, he’s a complete gentleman. He never retaliates. To meet the adorable charmer who will win your heart ‘fur’ sure, check him out in the video below.

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