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Unfortunately, shelters and rescues don’t always have the funds needed to do everything they’d like for the animals in their care. When emergencies happen, Greater Good Charities is able to grant your donations to these organizations that will directly help save cats.

Your donation helps fund programs that pay for emergency surgeries, transportation of animals, food for shelters, vaccinations, and much, much more. YOU can help provide more happily ever afters for shelter cats in need! Donate and make an impact today.


carol 02/17/2024

like to help when i can

Victoria 02/15/2024

It makes me sad to see all these four kitties being abandoned neglected unloved but on the other hand it makes me happy to see that there is a agency out there that is willing to help them and I'm glad that I can support that and if I can send extra I will send extra I'm on a fixed income myself but I love kitties I love doggies too

Melissa 02/08/2024

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Pauline 02/04/2024

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Derlene 02/04/2024

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