Emergency Maui Rescue Flight Expedition – DONATE NOW


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In the wake of unprecedented wildfires, the historic town of Lahaina is almost lost, and the island’s heart weighs heavy with the tragedy. But amidst the devastation, a ray of hope emerges for the overwhelmed animal shelters of Maui.

On August 17th, iHeartCats is working in collaboration with Greater Good Charities, alongside Southwest Airlines® and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, to bring essential supplies to those impacted by the fires. Yet, the journey doesn’t end there. On August 18th, a flight of salvation is set to rescue over 100 shelter pets, giving them a chance for a new life in Oregon. By emptying the shelters in Maui, it will make room for new intake of lost shelter pets due to the fires.

These poor shelter pets desperately need your help to be flown to safety – and the people of Maui are in desperate need of essential supplies. Will you help these sweet shelter pets escape?

With the steadfast support of iHeartCats Heroes in collaboration with GreaterGood, together, we can be the difference. Stand with us, be their beacon and donate to help make this become a reality!


Rachelle 09/12/2023

Very good of you.

Rosie 09/11/2023

Hopefully many pet lives were safe with the funds gathered.

Lynne 09/10/2023

I think everybody in our nation should help Maui at least once

Lynne 09/10/2023

No comment entered by customer.

MICHELE 09/10/2023

Thank you for helping the Maui shelter pets through this horrific trauma.

Emergency Maui Rescue Flight Expedition – DONATE NOW