Product Review for Mighty Leaf Cat Lovers Tea Set

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on November 28, 2014


When I received my Cat Lovers Chamomile Tea Set I was very impressed. My package arrived on my doorstep in prompt fashion and the set comes in a nice, sturdy box with an attractive image and logo on the front. The Yixing mug is wonderful, light yet solid, with beautiful woodgrain designs along the bronze colored mug.


Perfect for holding a piping hot tea, the ‘cat’ handle is easy to hold, and will surely bring a smile to any cat lovers face—as it did mine. The chamomile tea brews in just five minutes, with an abundance of flavors that please the palate with each sip. I highly recommend this Mighty Leaf gift set for any cat lover this holiday season, as it’s well-crafted and certainly worth the price of only $34.95. I’m enjoying mine every day, that’s for sure!