We at iHeartCats have partnered with the litter we love, PrettyLitter, to bring an exciting, exclusive offer to our readers!

Imagine if there was a way to keep an eye on your cat’s health in between vet visits? As we cat connoisseurs all know, our feline friends are notorious masters of hiding their pain. Because of this, it can make it rather tricky to know, if in fact, something has popped up on your cat’s health radar.

This is why our friends at PrettyLitter have revolutionized your cat’s litter needs to give you exclusive access to their health, all with a super simple color-coded system.

But the best part about it? It’s premium litter crystals that you and your feline friend will love, shipped for free right to your front door. No more late night litter runs, no more worrying if your house smells like a stinky litter box, and gone are the days when you worry about what might be going on in your cat’s mind when it comes to their health woes.

“They took to it right away. I love the fact that there is no more smell!!!”

Elizabeth C, Fremont, CA

What PrettyLitter has to offer you and your cat:

-Ability to detect painful health issues in your cat, such as: bladder inflammation, bladder stones, urinary tract infection with an easy-to-follow color coded system

-Premium odorless and scentless dust-free crystals your cat is naturally drawn to

-Odor-blocking capabilities that keep humans happy in between those litter cleanings

PrettyLitter is here to give you the key to unlocking your cat’s happiness and health with a litter that is made with their best interest in mind.

“I started using Pretty Litter a few months ago, and I’ll never go back to clumping litter. This stuff is awesome.”Anna H, Mason, OH

Early intervention is essential when it comes to your cat’s health, and also a way to save you money when it comes to those annual vet visits by catching issues before they become costly, or worse, deadly. PrettyLitter wants to give cat owners peace of mind with a litter that’s going to change you and your cat’s lives for the better.

“Your litter was the ONLY thing that alerted me that anything was wrong. Thankfully it was caught early enough.” — Denise A., Carney’s Pt., NJ

The difference is here when it comes to your cat’s litter needs, and it’s called PrettyLitter. Get started now with $5 off your first order and see the difference for yourself by using code 5CATS.

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