Preemie Kitten Catches Up To Siblings When He’s Given Love & Care

| Published on November 22, 2016

When Peanut was born, he arrived a week earlier than the rest of his littermates and things didn’t look promising. In fact, his mother abandoned him, likely thinking he wasn’t going to survive. But some good humans found Peanut and decided to try and help him fight to live. According to Love Meow, they did a really good job at keeping Peanut going.



Crys Malone, one of the human parents of Peanut, helped bottle feed him and keep him warm. Peanut was so tiny, he wasn’t able to regulate his own body temperature. They fed him every two hours and kept an ever-watchful eye on the little preemie kitten. To their surprise, Peanut’s mother returned one week later and gave birth to two more kittens.



These kittens were part of Peanut’s litter, but they had come to full-term and were not so small and weak. They were healthy kittens, and when Peanut was offered back to his mother, she took him right in. She started grooming and feeding him immediately, as if she were happy that he survived and she was able to see her baby.



With his mother’s care and affection, Peanut was able to catch up to his siblings’ size. Soon enough, it was hard to tell that Peanut was ever a preemie at all!

The little fighter has become playful and loving, snuggling up with his human and cat families alike. He definitely feels happy and loved.






Now, seven months later, Peanut looks just like a normal young cat. He’s got a beautiful coat and is the average size for his age. He doesn’t look any weaker than his siblings and has grown into a lovely feline. Peanut is a strong fighter and we can’t thank Malone and the rest of the humans enough for giving him the chance he deserved. Peanut pulled through and surprised both his human and cat family – there’s no denying he’s here to stay!