Precious Baby Just Needed a Hug from Mom!

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 30, 2024

Already showing exceptional maternal instincts, Zia proved to be an extraordinary mother.

This is the remarkable story of Zia and her puppies. When Zia was found, she was in the midst of labor and in desperate need of a secure place to give birth.

Zia was brought to a foster home, providing her with a safe haven to welcome her babies. She engaged in the nesting process, rearranging blankets to create an ideal environment for her puppies. After giving birth, Zia appeared much more at ease in her new surroundings.

During the first few weeks, the puppies went through significant milestones, such as opening their eyes and starting to explore. The foster family lovingly named them Zorro, Zoie, Zaina, and Zeus, each one developing its own distinct personality.

As the puppies grew older, they began to explore the outdoors and play in the grass. When the time came, Zia’s puppies were taken to Fresno Bully Rescue to find their forever homes. It was reassuring to know these puppies had been surrounded by love from birth, giving them a positive start in life.

The puppies quickly found loving homes with eager adopters excited to welcome them into their families. After all her puppies were adopted, it was finally Zia’s turn to find her forever home. A couple from Fresno discovered Zia’s story on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her.

When Zia met her new family, it was evident she would be cherished and well-cared for. Zia and her puppies have all settled into their new homes, receiving abundant love and attention from their adopters. This heartwarming journey underscores the significance of fostering and adopting animals in need, offering a rewarding experience for both the animals and their new families.

The innocence and purity of dogs never cease to amaze me. Animals truly are wonderful, and there is much we can learn from them.

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