Nervous Alley Cat Lets In The Only ‘Person’ She Can Trust

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 24, 2024

Years ago, in the bustling city of Montreal, Brigette discovered a pregnant feral cat named Poupée living in an alley with other cats. With winter fast approaching and snow beginning to fall, the woman knew she had to help this soon-to-be mother. Brigette couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be for Poupée if she had to give birth in the alleyway. Poupée, whose name means “doll” in French, was taken in by the kind-hearted woman, and within three days after labor, they were able to find loving families for all of Poupée’s kittens.

However, it was clear that Poupée was not meant to return to life as a feral cat; she was destined to become the queen of her new home. Poupée is an incredibly delicate and affectionate cat. When asking for pets or treats, she gently strokes her mom’s arm with her paw, which looks like a tiny hand. This loving feline has an irresistible charm that makes it impossible not to adore her.

A unique aspect of Poupée’s personality is her love for Barbie dolls. She hugs and cuddles them, spending her days surrounded by her favorite toys. Poupée is also gentle with her bird siblings, showing that her love extends to all creatures, big and small.

Although Poupée has grown to trust Brigette, she remains skittish around others. Her past experiences in the alley, where she was once a tiny and vulnerable target, have left her wary of humans wearing coats and boots. These items trigger memories of the threatening people she encountered during her time on the streets.

Throughout the years, Poupée has provided unwavering support to her mom, even during difficult times. While Brigette underwent medical treatments for a life-threatening illness, Poupée was there, making biscuits and purring loudly. The bond between them is undeniable, as they both understand and respect each other’s needs for space, affection, and trust.

Now a senior cat at around 16 years old, Poupée remains her mom’s best friend. The two spend their days together, their deep connection allowing them to read each other’s emotions and needs with ease. Poupée’s intelligent gaze reveals the soul behind her eyes, showing that she is more than just a cat – she is a cherished companion.

Brigette hopes they will have many more years together. Their relationship has taught her the importance of gentleness and kindness in life. In the end, it is Poupée who rescued Brigette and not the other way around.

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