Postal Museum Is Seeking ‘Cat-pplicants’ For A Dozen Feline Positions

Do you have a motivated meower at home, or maybe your kitty just needs to start earning his keep? Well, the Postal Museum is calling for a dozen “Post Office Cats” – and they’ll be hiring one feline a month through September 2018!

We should say up front that this gig isn’t paid. However, it does come with plenty of other perks: your kitty can work from home, he’ll get a fashionable hat, and lots of adoring social media fans. What more could you ask for, really?

While the job title is “Volunteer Mouser,” since the position is remote, we’re thinking that the position’s biggest role is to be the furry face of the museum.

The Postal Museum website explains:

“Each month a successful cat-pplicant will be appointed to the ceremonial role of Postal Museum Cat (PMC). PMCs are expected to work from home so must be reliable purr-fessionals. While a volunteer position, there are great purrks, including provision of an official hat.”

Frankie Ninja’s application for @thepostalmuseum vacatcy…somehow his hat is more rudeboy than professional tho! #jobsfurcats #catsinhats #catsofinstagram

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Even if your strong, independent working cat is ready to contribute to the household, he’ll still need a hand applying for the job. The website instructs:

“To apply, owners must submit a photo of their cat to The Postal Museum on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using @ThePostalMuseum and the hashtags #jobsfurcats and #catsinhats.”

Likewise, you’ll need your thumbs to download and print a template of the Postal Cat Hat for your kitty to meowdel for his application headshot.

So Phoebe has been shortlisted for the role of @thepostalmuseum Puss! She’s very excited. Please do show her some love on their Instagram post – as well as all the other amazing cats. Such a lovely idea! #jobsfurcats #postalmuseum

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Here’s another photo of the lucky felines that nabbed the position for September 2017!

We must say, it’s a pretty exciting job opportunity! Will you help your companion submit his or her “cat-pplication”? Share it with us in the comments below!

(Feature Image: @themainecoonlife via Instagram)

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