Polydactyl Kitten Loves Getting His After Dinner Massage From His Human

Normal cats have five toes on the front paws and four toes on the back, with a total of eighteen toes in all. Some cats have a few extra and this is known as Polydactyl. This genetic mutation has been passed down through dominant genes, but the said condition does not hinder the daily activities of a cat. Instead, they think of it as an asset.

Lookie! This is Donovan, a kitty that has 7 toes. Though he is a polydactyl, he’s still able to do things a normal cat can do. And Donovan the polydactyl kitten loves getting massages after he’s eaten a big meal–which you can see by his full belly! Just look at how much he enjoys it!

Now, if only those humans would turn it down a notch so that little Donovan could enjoy his after dinner massage in peace! Share this to your cat-lover friends who may also have a Polydactyl cat! 🙂

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