Stray Orange Tabby Chose Her Human And Tracked Her Car Down

| Published on February 18, 2024

Charli, a devoted cat enthusiast, dedicates herself to caring for numerous stray cats and operates a small sanctuary in Greece. During one of her routine feeding sessions, a particular cat, affectionately named Annie by Charli, not only enjoyed the food provided but also formed an instant connection with Charli herself. As Charli began her journey home, she was surprised to see Annie chasing after her vehicle through the rearview mirror. Charli recounts the moment, emphasizing how Annie seemed to have chosen her as her human companion and was determined not to let her slip away. This heartwarming encounter underscores the profound bond that can develop between humans and animals, highlighting Charli’s compassionate efforts to provide love and care to abandoned and stray felines in need.

That’s when Charli decided to bring Annie home. The smart, friendly stray acclimated to ‘pet life’ rather quickly. She made herself at home in Charli’s bed and never wanted to leave. Soon after, a concerned citizen phoned Charli regarding three tiny orphan kittens. Charli agreed to help and brought them home. Annie was smitten!

The Orange Tabby allowed the teensy kitties to climb all over her! She groomed them and carried them to Charli one by one when it was feeding time. She gently placed each kitten before Charli then ran and got the next one. What a clever cat!

To meet one of the smartest and sweetest kitties in history, watch the video below. Thank you, Charli, for all the good you do in this world!

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