Girl Pulls Kitten Out From Under A Barn, And He Can’t Thank Her Enough

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 20, 2024

Stories like this one inspire cat lovers to go out of their way to help kitties in need. Many of us can make a difference by adopting or fostering cats and volunteering at local shelters. On a rainy day in Arkansas, a girl named Rachel and her mom, Maury, discovered a tiny abandoned kitten seeking shelter under a shed overhang. “We couldn’t just leave him there, soaking wet and all alone,” Rachel recalls. Maury quickly scooped up the trembling kitten and brought him to their car. The poor kitten was not only cold and scared but also very cautious around humans, likely due to previous bad experiences.

As they settled in the car, Rachel offered some canned food she had on hand for emergencies. The starving kitten eagerly devoured the food, showing immediate improvement in his demeanor. Maury observed, “He must have spent days in that barn, hungry and alone.” Feeling safer, the kitten began to show affection, licking their hands and climbing onto their shoulders, grateful for the rescue.

They named the kitten Ollie and brought him to their home, introducing him to a life filled with love, comfort, and warmth. Initially hesitant, Ollie soon became playful and cheerful as he adjusted to his new surroundings. Rachel and Maury’s home already housed several other animals, all rescued from the streets. Rachel, with the help of her sister Leah, has a routine of caring for these animals and finding foster homes for them.

Ollie quickly found a permanent home with loving parents, becoming one of the 150 homeless kittens that Rachel and her family have helped over the past two years. Many of these kittens were orphans or had been abandoned by their previous owners. The family’s commitment to animal rescue is a big part of their lives.

Rachel and Leah are determined to continue their efforts in helping animals. They treat sick pets, rehabilitate them, and work tirelessly to secure forever homes for abandoned kittens, spreading kindness and hope through their actions.

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