Woman Tracks Down Kitten’s Frenzied Cries Coming From Stack Of Pallets

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 26, 2024

It was an ordinary day for Joyce, a plant manager at a processing facility, when the sound of a kitten’s cries caught her attention during her lunch break. Having rescued cats before, she immediately recognized the distressed meows and began her search for the source. Little did she know that this would be the beginning of a heartwarming story involving a kitten named Nymeria, who would eventually become a beloved work-from-home companion. As Joyce searched the area, she found Nymeria hiding among a stack of pallets. Continuing her search, she discovered two more kittens from the same litter.

There was no sign of their mother, so Joyce took it upon herself to help these abandoned kittens. It wasn’t uncommon for people to dump unwanted cats at the warehouse, and Joyce was determined to give these kittens a better life. Joyce and her family raised Nymeria and her siblings until they were about 8 to 10 weeks old.

Joyce’s best friend adopted one of the kittens, and her best friend’s mother took in the other. This allowed the entire litter to stay within an extended family, giving them the opportunity to see each other grow and thrive. Nymeria immediately bonded with Joyce and her family, who already had two rescued cats of their own. She was a loving and affectionate kitten, always seeking cuddles and attention.

When Joyce transitioned to working from home, she found that Nymeria was the perfect companion to help her adjust to this new way of life. Nymeria often made appearances on Joyce’s video calls, peeking her face into the frame and seeming to ask what the conversation was about. Far from growing tired of her human’s constant presence, Nymeria spent all day with Joyce, even reminding her when it was time to go into the office. This constant companionship was a comfort to Joyce, who found that working from home could sometimes be lonely after spending her entire career working with people.

Joyce and her husband often playfully argue over who Nymeria’s favorite person is. While Nymeria follows Joyce around, she also has a special bond with her husband, who cleans her eyes and massages her face every morning. If there is ever a disagreement between Joyce and her husband, Nymeria always sides with Joyce, meowing loudly at Joyce’s husband as if to say, “She’s right, and you’re wrong.”

Joyce says, “Having a being that cares for you unconditionally, regardless of your appearance, feelings, or circumstances, can be an incredibly comforting and uplifting experience.” Do you agree?

Play the video below to meet Nymeria and witness all the cuteness she has to offer.

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