When Dad Puts Dog In Crate For A Time Out, Kitty Fiddles With The Latch

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 11, 2024

Unlike the age-old belief that cats and dogs can’t get along, many dog and cat siblings are attached to one another. In fact, plenty of animal parents report that their kitties get along with many different creatures, including guinea pigs and bunnies as well. Some relationships are even quite shocking, like the ones between a cat and a pet bird! However, we recommend supervision to ensure the safety of all animals involved. In this adorable video, we meet a cat and dog duo who are very attached to each other– so much so that the cutest thing happens!

Their dad is working on crate training his dog. This is a common training method used in many households. The cat watches as Dad prepares the crate for her doggy sibling. She studies the cage with inquisitive eyes, making sure it’s safe inside the confined space. She even sits on top as Dad explains the crate method to both of them.

The dog lies down once he is safely put inside the crate. His kitty sister looks on in total disapproval. She does not want them to be separated. Once Dad walks away, she attempts to open the crate with her clever paws but fails. But she’s not backing down! She will not give up on her doggy brother or their impending cuddle session.

Sure enough, on her next try, the cat unlocks the door and the duo’s back together again. Happy days! This video is too cute! Aren’t pets the best?! Does your dog and cat get along like this pair? Share your story in our comment section.

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