New Holiday Celebrates Drinking Wine With Your Cat For An Entire Week

Wine. Cats. A week of boozy bliss. Now this is the kind of holiday we’ve been waiting for! has declared the week of February 19th-23rd to be National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week, and we say: it’s about time!

This week encompasses the pre-existing National Drink Wine Day (February 18th) and Love Your Pet Day (February 20th), and it wraps both holidays into one big celebration!

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Of course, our furry friends should not be drinking wine, but it doesn’t mean they can’t join in on the fun! In fact, the kitty in the video below is enjoying a feline-friendly wine!

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Companies like PetWinery make non-alcoholic, pet-friendly beverages that are not only safe, they’re healthy for our four-legged friends. Now, you and your purring pal can enjoy a glass of wine together! (Want 20% your PetWinery order? Click here.)

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Regardless of what you and your kitty choose to sip, the point of this holiday is to kick back, relax, and spend some quality time bonding with your companion. That’s certainly something to toast about, don’t you think? Cheers!

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