Mourning The Loss Of Her Only Pup, Chihuahua Takes In 5 Kittens In Need Of A Mommy

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on September 26, 2015

For Penny the Chihuahua, she was excited to be a mommy. But when her day finally came, tragedy struck: her only pup entered this world stillborn. Her two humans watched as her tiny heart broke, crying literal tears, howling through the night inconsolably. They hated to see their sweet dog suffer, so they contacted anyone and everyone in search of an answer. This is when their call to the Cat’s Cradle rescue in their area gave them the answer they were looking for. It seemed like a long shot, but they wanted to give it a try and put an end to their dog’s suffering. As it turns out, there were 5 orphaned kittens desperately in need of a mommy. Jeffery Mullins and Dale Fulk, Penny’s humans, immediately went down to the rescue to claim the kittens and officially become their foster family.

When they placed the babies with Penny, she changed in an instant, her sadness washed away with happiness and hope. She knew she needed to take these kittens in as her own. And not only this, but she took her new role as a mom very seriously! According to her humans, she’s only gotten up to eat or for a bathroom break, then it’s right back to her motherly duties. What a good mommy with a big heart!

This just proves that animals can feel compassion, just like us humans can. We are so thankful for these kind owners who couldn’t see their dog hurting, and the kittens who now have the love of a mother! Share this heartwarming story with your friends!