Girl Finds Kitten That Tucked Himself Away From Track At Indy 500

Juliana wanted to celebrate her birthday by doing something she never experienced before. She and her sister decided to go to the Indy 500. As they were walking, Juliana’s sister shockingly saw a kitten, all by himself, on the road. He was hiding, afraid to get run over or trampled on.

The sisters scooped the kitten up, wrapped him in a purrito, and gave him the cutest name: Moto! The exhausted kitty slept the whole way back while Juliana drove home. The family already has five cats, and the sisters were concerned about whether they’d accept the little kitten. Juliana explains that introducing one cat to another is much easier than introducing five cats to one. They were nervous, so they did an individual meet-and-greet so no one was overwhelmed.

It turned out that Moto was quite bossy at such a young age. The clowder wasn’t keen. Even though he was so utterly adorable, his ego wasn’t something they were used to. Is Moto ever accepted into the fold? To find out, and to see his rescue, scroll down to the video below.

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Feature image courtesy of The Dodo/YouTube

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