“Most Responsible Kitten In The World” Watches Over Litter Of Newborns

| Published on June 5, 2022

A young kitten from Kansas, Missouri, has been awarded the title of “Most Responsible Kitten in the World” by his caretakers at KC Pet Project. The fluffy fellow, affectionately named Binx, was awarded this title for selflessly looking after a litter of three abandoned newborns.

The adorable quartet was found stranded on the streets of Kansas City, all alone and with no one to look after them. Binx was thought to be a few weeks old, but the three babies accompanying him were so young that they had not yet opened their little eyes!

“Meet the most responsible kitten in the world. “(Binx is) a 6 week old kitten that was found with three newborn kittens. The person who found them told us that he’s been taking care of babies, and we think this is about the cutest thing ever. They’ll all be heading into foster homes until they’re old enough to be adopted, but we had to share the cuteness with you.” – KC Pet Project

The Good Samaritan who stumbled upon the tenacious little crew waited a bit before bringing them in to see if their mother might return. Oftentimes, the mother cat will go off to hunt herself a meal, leaving her kittens in wherever she determines to be a safe place. And it is for this reason that, should you find a stray kitten in your own town, you should always watch for the mother’s return before bringing the babies inside.

Once it was determined that these fearsome four had been abandoned, the Good Samaritan gathered them and brought them to the safe haven that is KC Pet Project.

Newborn kittens require milk to survive, either from a nursing mother or from a bottle. And while this necessity is not something that Binx could provide, the shelter staff knew he was the one to thank for keeping the babies warm and safe while on the streets.

Once at the shelter, the little family was given a hearty meal and a clean bill of health. The three newborns were all determined to be males and named Ollie, Frankie, and Ziggy.

While we don’t know what happened to the mother, the four brave kittens are now doing well and have been placed in a foster home together. After all they’ve been through together, it would have been unbearable to split them up!

Supporters of KC Pet Project on Facebook have a lot to say about the heartwarming story:

“Such a little nurturer….so sweet!” said one user of Binx’s bravery. Another added, “Oh my heart, that’s so precious and pawsome!”


Featured Image: Facebook