Guy Builds A Private Elevator For His Spoiled Cat

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 22, 2024

Miso, a lovable feline living in Munich, Germany, has a unique double life that has captured the hearts of his neighbors. By day, he’s an indoor cat who loves to cuddle and spend time with his human, Kai. However, as soon as night falls, Miso transforms into an outdoor adventurer, exploring the city and its many wonders. After adopting the cat, Kai noticed Miso’s desire to explore the great outdoors, but living in an apartment proved challenging. Kai saw his neighbor using a box on a rope to release his cat out the window. While it’s certainly unconventional, it did work. Kai decided to give Miso the same opportunity to roam free. Much to his surprise, Miso took to this new lifestyle like a natural, even braving the rain and snow to embark on his nightly adventures.

Every morning, at around 5 or 6 a.m., Miso meows at Kai’s window, signaling that it’s time for him to come back inside. Sometimes, Miso jumps right into his little elevator bag, while other times, he makes Kai wait a bit longer. Regardless, the bond between the two is evident, with trust being the foundation of their relationship.

Miso’s nocturnal escapades have earned him the title of “Munich’s Luckiest Cat.” However, Kai admits that there’s a bit of fear that comes with Miso’s double life. Curious about Miso’s nightly whereabouts, Kai decided to use an AirTag to track the feline’s movements. To his surprise, Miso’s favorite hangout spots turned out to be two large construction sites in the area.

Fascinated by the heavy machinery, Miso can often be found exploring the construction sites and observing the machines at work. His curiosity and love for the outdoors are evident, making him a truly unique and lovable cat.

Miso’s adventures may be a little nerve-wracking for Kai at times, but the bond they share is unmistakable, proving that sometimes, the best thing we can do for our furry friends is to let them spread their wings (or, in this case, their paws).

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