Deaf Dog Found Feisty Kitten In Broken Down Truck But He Won’t Come Out

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 4, 2024

Homeless animals often wander to places where they feel they’ll receive the most help. This is true for the kitty in this story, eventually named Mini-Me. The kitten, who was struggling to survive on his own, set sights on a 300-acre farm in rural Arizona. The farm belonged to the Thomison family. One day, Allison, the matriarch of the family, noticed her astute deaf Pit Bull, Evie, staring at a broken-down truck on their property. The white dog stared incessantly until Allison went over to check it out.

Inside the truck, was a small ginger and white cat, presumably a kitten. But this kitten was no stranger. Allison and her family had spotted him before on the farm several weeks prior but he abruptly disappeared. Evie was mesmerized by his return and hiding spot. Allison called her husband over, and they set out to win the kitten over, hoping he would stay for good this time.

The kitten, fluffy and adorable, stared at them from the hollowed out hole where a headlight belonged. They were both amazed at how much he looked like their pet cat, Noodle. Noodle was fixed but maybe this kitten was a relative. Allison got some cat kibble from inside the house and tried to put her hand close to Mini-Me, but she was met with quite the resistance, or as she puts it, ‘spiciness.’

The cat was untrusting and had a bit of an attitude, but still, the family knew he deserved a place with them and would earn his trust, even if it took a long time. Next, Allison retrieved Noodle, hoping his lookalike would put him at ease. It was quite the struggle, but after some time, Mini-Me came out and had a meal with his new kitty siblings while Evie and the other dogs watched from a safe distance.

Mini-Me is still adjusting to his new home and will bite if anyone comes too close, but Allison and her family have no doubt he will integrate into a loving, happy pack member very soon! To see Evie’s kitty discovery and Mini-Me’s full rescue, check out the TikTok video below.

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