Meet Brother Cream – HongKong’s Celebrity Cat!

| Published on June 4, 2015

If America has Grumpy Cat, Hongkong has Brother Cream!

Everyone, meet Brother Cream–Hongkong’s most popular cat! Just like Grumpy Cat, Brother Cream became famous through social media. But what made him famous wasn’t his facial expression, but instead, people knew him because he was missing for 26 days and a lot of individuals helped in finding him. And when he was found, a lot of people came to visit him. After that, he became even more famous when he was paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to appear in different commercials of very popular brands. There’s even a three-meter-high statue of Brother Cream outside a major shopping mall! Watch the video below and learn the story of how Brother Cream rose to fame!

Amazing! Brother Cream is so cute!! And I love how he and his human give back to the community!

You can check out more of Brother Cream at his Instagram account and his Facebook Page!