Cat Waves To Potential Adopters To Win Himself A Home

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 12, 2024

A vibrant 2-year-old Ginger cat named Mayhem has found himself back at Lollipop Farm Animal Advocates in New York City, marking his second stint at the shelter. Initially, Mayhem was relinquished earlier in the year after being abandoned by his previous owner. He was quickly adopted yet returned shortly after when it became apparent that his new living situation was less than ideal. Known for his boundless energy, Mayhem is a spirited cat who is constantly in search of playmates.

As Mayhem holds out hope for his perfect forever home, the shelter staff has equipped his enclosure with an array of toys and activities to satisfy his playful spirit. Whenever staff members pass by the glass door of his play-filled enclosure, Mayhem presses his paws against the glass as if to say, “Come in and play with me.” Charmed by his antics, the staff invariably find themselves drawn in to interact with him.

Mayhem has a particular way of engaging with people that underscores his affectionate nature. He spends his days alternating between energetic play and restful naps. His favorite toys are those that dangle on a string, which he leaps after with great enthusiasm. The shelter workers take turns playing with Mayhem, ensuring he feels valued and loved, and he shows his appreciation in typical feline fashion.

Described by the staff as the epitome of feline charm, Mayhem thrives on human interaction. He’s expressed that he wouldn’t mind sharing a home with dogs and enjoys the company of other cats as well. His sociable nature makes him an excellent companion for a household looking for an energetic pet.

Fortunately, Mayhem’s search for a permanent family has come to a happy conclusion. The family who chose to adopt him was thoroughly counseled on how to keep this extraordinary cat engaged and content. It is a joyous outcome for Mayhem, who now has a loving home where he can play to his heart’s content and receive the affection he so eagerly seeks.

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