Couple On Vacation Sneaks Stray Kitten Into Their Hotel Room

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 3, 2024

While strolling down a narrow street, a couple vacationing in Greece encountered a lone, shivering kitten being blasted by the chilly winds. Without siblings or shelter, the kitten seemed desperately in need of warmth and care. Deciding to act, the couple smuggled him into their hotel, where he likely experienced the most comfortable night of his life. The hotel staff, upon discovering the kitten, surprisingly allowed them to keep him. Eight days had passed since the kitten, whom they named Mani, joined them, and their attachment had grown deep.

When they consulted a veterinarian in Athens, the advice was clear: Mani was too young to travel and needed to stay under care for at least another month. Fortunately, the vet knew someone willing to foster Mani during this time. The reunion, a month later, was heartwarming. It seemed to take Mani only seconds to recognize his rescuers.

The cat’s new parents eagerly welcomed him home. The couple then began the delicate process of introducing Mani to Kefi, their other cat, stretching the acclimation over a week where the two cats had limited contact at first. When they finally allowed Mani and Kefi to freely interact, the two immediately engaged in playful antics, though Kefi occasionally seemed overwhelmed by Mani’s persistent attention.

Initially hoping simply for peaceful coexistence, they were thrilled to see a genuine friendship develop. Mani mirrored Kefi’s every move, adopting his behaviors and following him everywhere. Reflecting on their journey, the couple felt immensely fortunate. Sitting on the couch, cats purring contentedly in their laps, they shared a look of contentment.

Click the video below to see Mani’s rescue and transformation in his new home!