Mama Cats Giving Their Kittens Hugs

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 19, 2015

For any good cat mom, they absolutely love their tiny, precious kittens. We love to watch them cozy up, showering them with lovable licks and doting on their babies with love. Watching a cat’s maternal instincts shine through is such a heartwarming experience, bringing a big smile to our face. Here’s a sweet collection of mama cats giving their kittens kitty cat hugs. And be sure to check out the adorable video at the end! It’s sure to make you say, “awe!”

11062805596_d12facd758_zSource: Jennifer C. via Flickr

8759619859_86a3a60eca_zSource: echo69 via Flickr

6019960581_5da0cbfaf9_zSource: Bryan Price via Flickr

14901813628_401246b177_zSource: Helena Jacoba via Flickr

102807866_8cfa7978a5_zSource: ClatieK via Flickr

Too cute: Mama cat stops baby from having a nightmare! – Woods x

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