Hungry Kitty And Her Babies Stood At Edge Of Garden Staring At Couple

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 18, 2024

Jeff and Julia, a compassionate couple who recently moved to Cypress, discovered a scared and malnourished feral cat, Lucy, hiding in their garden with her two kittens. Lucy was initially very fearful and had visible signs of malnutrition. The couple knew they had to help. They began to provide food and water for the little feline family, making sure to give them space and time to trust their human rescuers. Lucy was not only fighting for her own survival but also the safety of her kittens.

Lucy would wait by the couple’s door every morning, showing just how desperate she was for help. Jeff and Julia, already cat owners themselves, decided to take in Lucy and her kittens, even though they knew it would be a challenging process. To help the feral cat family adjust, Jeff and Julia set up a separate room for them and spent at least five hours a day sitting with Lucy.

Lucy never showed any aggression, but it was evident that she was unhappy and scared. However, after a few weeks, they began to see progress – Lucy started to enjoy being touched and even began to play. It took about three months for Lucy to fully trust her rescuers and show her true personality.

The once-feral cat now loves receiving chin scratches and has formed a strong bond with her new family. The kittens, too, have adapted well to their new life, becoming fully socialized and affectionate with their human caregivers. The couple admits that rescuing Lucy and her kittens was a risk, as they didn’t know what their personalities would be like. But they firmly believe that every cat, regardless of their background or temperament, deserves a loving home.

All three cats have turned out to be incredibly loving and affectionate, proving that with time, effort, and patience, even the most fearful feral cats can learn to trust and love. Lucy still has a strong bond with her kittens, spending much of her time cuddling and playing with them.

Lucy also still exhibits some signs of her past life, such as hiding under blankets when it rains – possibly a reminder of the cold, wet days she spent outdoors. But overall, Lucy has come a long way from her days as a scared, malnourished feral cat. Thanks to Jeff and Julia, Lucy and her kittens are safe and loved.

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