Loyal Cat Finds His Way Back To Family After Breaking Out Of Shelter

Sometimes with a rescue cat, they can choose us, rather than us choosing them. This was recently the case for a longhaired tabby in Lucedale, Mississippi that went out of his way just to show his new family just how much he cared. When this stray cat was first spotted by the family dog one evening, the Bosche family started feeding this homeless cat every night, worried and concerned about him due to his skittish nature.

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Each night for one month the Bosche family fed the tabby, before ultimately making the decision to take him to an animal shelter where he could find a permanent home. Anne Bosche, the woman of the household, felt guilty for doing what she thought “was the right thing,” even crying the whole way home from the animal shelter roughly 5 miles up the road.

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But this cat wasn’t about to let distance come between him and the family he’d grown to love. Anne could have sworn that she heard her husband talking to someone in their kitchen, one morning about a month later. Curious to see for herself, Anne was stunned to find her husband chatting with the same cat they’d taken to the shelter! The cat instantly greeted her with friendly meows, ready to be spoiled with love and affection. He was no longer shy, ready to show them how much he cared and appreciated them.

The tabby, who the family named Mr. Fancy, they learned had escaped from the animal shelter after only about 20 minutes of being there. After a month of finding his way, Mr. Fancy did whatever he could to get back to his adopted family. Mr. Fancy wanted to prove his loyalty to the sweet people that had been so kind for him, and they (and especially Anne) knew then there was no way they couldn’t keep him as their own after that.

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