Unadopted Kitten Clings To Kitty Who Found Home, Unwilling To Part

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 2, 2024

Shelter cats and kittens face many obstacles. The most gut-wrenching: isolation. There are countless felines awaiting homes, and they are often overlooked. With sympathetic hearts, shelter workers do all they can to bring them comfort. In the following story, two kittens named Luna and Louis arrived at a county shelter around the same time. It was obvious that they craved compassion and affection. Understanding the kitties could suffer and feel lonely, volunteers placed them together. The pair hit it off instantly. They snuggled together as tightly as they could. Their bond was inevitable, as shown in the photo below.

Luna and Louis played together, slept together, and ate together. One day, a man named Jack and his fiancée saw a photo of Luna online. They instantly fell in love and wanted to give her a home. The next day, they raced over to the shelter and told the staff they wanted to give Luna the best life possible. However, the staff was concerned. While they were happy that Luna found a home, they couldn’t shake the feeling that Louis would have his heart broken. But they didn’t have to utter a word… or we should say, they didn’t need to.

When Jack and his fiancée approached Luna’s cage, they saw the two kittens huddled together. They couldn’t fathom taking Luna away from her feline soulmate. How would Louis cope? After some deliberation, the couple concluded that they were willing to adopt them both!

The shelter staff jumped for joy! The kittens were about to embark on their forever journey together with two loving parents. Now settled into their new home, Luna and Louis are thriving. And they still snuggle every chance they get. Thank you to the wonderful couple for opening their hearts and home to two precious animals in need.

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