Bonded Ferals ‘Accidentally’ Separated, Fall Apart Without Each Other

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on August 1, 2023

A year ago, a woman met a feral cat she named Sad Boy. She noticed his beautiful but sad-looking eyes. She had no idea, just yet, that Sad Boy and another feral cat, Lola, were a bonded pair.

Sad Boy wanted to remain with the feral cat colony. He never came close to anyone. But Lola was different; she happily ate her food on the woman’s front porch, allowing the woman to touch her. She decided to trap Lola to give her a better life. She had no idea what this separation would do to the pair.

Lola was trapped successfully and then went off to a foster home. However, she began to deteriorate emotionally. And so did Sad Boy. He stopped grooming himself. They couldn’t handle being apart. There was no other choice but to bring Lola back to the colony, but would their time apart change their dynamic?

Do the kitties get back to their happy selves once reunited? It’s surely an amazing tale! To find out what follows and witness their unwavering love, check out the video below.

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