Little Stray Kitten Gets To Fulfill This Office’s Dream Of Getting A Cat!


Sometimes in life, things are just meant to be. When the employees at a company in Texas considered getting a cat for the office, this helpless little kitten showed up right at their door not long after they started entertaining the idea. The kitten would have made it far without them, malnourished and covered in fleas. The employees brought the kitten in to give him a place to stay and not have to live on the streets. One by one, he starting capturing everyone’s heart.


The people at the office couldn’t turn this kitten away that needed attention and care, so they decided to adopt the little guy. As for a name? Well, they decided on Blade–seeing as they work for a grass company. Take a look at this playful little kitten that just swooped in a stole everyone’s heart! Turns out he had the instinct to show up at the right place at just the right time! When Blade’s office family is off for nights and weekends, he’ll have someone else to look out for him as well–the upstairs tenant!

“There is also a lady that rents the space upstairs and lives there and she is going to help as well,” an employee said.

He looks so peaceful and sweet!

ysoBGcyvia Reddit

So happy for little Blade and his new office family!!!

Written by Modi Ramos
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