Fed-Up Lion Cub Finally Retaliates For His Dad Picking On Him

| Published on February 13, 2024

In Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, Papa lion engages in playful roughhousing with his adorable lion cub son. The cub, however, reaches a point where he’s had his fill of being the target of his father’s playful antics. In a heartwarming and endearing moment, the lion cub decides to assert himself and stand up to his father, showcasing his growing independence and confidence.

This adorable interaction between father and son exemplifies the bonds of family in the animal kingdom, as well as the cub’s burgeoning development as he learns to navigate his world with courage and determination.


Image/Story Source Credit: b/60 via YouTube Video


Jabari playfully targets Pilipili, knocking his paws from under him, causing the little one to stumble and tumble. This playful interaction serves as an informal lesson in self-defense for Pilipili. However, there comes a point when Mama Zari decides the fun has gone on long enough and steps in to halt the antics. Quite the amusing scenario!

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