Woman Makes Drastic Move After Husband Steals Their Cat

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 25, 2024

When Lindsay visited her friend, she discovered a pair of neglected kittens in her friend’s backyard. With a history of taking care of kittens, Lindsay decided to adopt one of them, a unique kitten she named Roswell. Little did she know that Roswell would form an unbreakable bond with her then-boyfriend (now husband), Drew, who had never owned a cat before. From the moment Roswell entered their lives, it was evident that he had a special connection with Drew. The affectionate feline would climb onto Drew’s lap, rubbing his face and cuddling as close as possible. Roswell seemed to have a soft spot for Drew, and their bond only grew stronger over time.

Lindsay, who is allergic to cats, found herself wondering if Roswell knew about her allergy and if the cat was intentionally giving Drew extra love to avoid hurting her. In any case, the loving relationship between Drew and Roswell was undeniable. Roswell would often elbow Lindsay out of the way on the couch, making it clear that he wanted to sit with Drew instead.

Even on lazy Sundays, when the couple would lie in bed, Roswell would join them, laying his head on Drew’s chest and snuggling up between them. The bond between the two was so strong that Roswell would become standoffish whenever Drew went on vacation, seemingly questioning where he had been and why he had left.

In an attempt to bond with Roswell, Lindsay purchased a fake beard similar to Drew’s, hoping that the cat would show her the same affection he showed her husband. To her surprise, the plan worked – Roswell immediately began rubbing his face on the fake beard, allowing Lindsay to experience his love without suffering from an allergic reaction.

The story of Roswell and his unwavering love for Drew is a heartwarming example of the powerful bond that can form between humans and animals. Despite Drew’s lack of experience with cats, he and Roswell have forged a connection that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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