Larry The Cat Sets New Bar In Hiding From The Landlord Trend

| Published on April 26, 2024

Ever played hide and seek with a cat? If you’re a cat parent, we know that’s a hard yes. And we also understand playing the game probably wasn’t your idea in the first place. But cats are bossy that way, and once you’re the ‘It’ who must do the seeking, good luck finding your kitty. They know how to get out of sight and laugh as we search high and low.

It’s usually not until we’ve resorted to shaking treat bags and tempting with favorite toys do cats reappear, many times leaving us to wonder where they even appeared from. So, if you have a hard time finding your cat hidden in the hidey holes of your home, good luck finding the camouflaged cat in this viral TikTok video. As you’ll see, this cat understood the assignment!

Can You Find the Cat?

In a viral video that’s been seen more than 11 million times on TikTok, cat mom Gosia has some on-trend fun showing us a video of stuffed animals with the caption reading, “When your landlord is coming for an inspection and doesn’t allow pets.”

The video scans the line of animals, the caption asking, “Can you see Larry???”

Popping up on TikTok in recent days, the trend sees the caption matched with a video of a cat or dog hidden in stuffed animals. And Gosia and her clowder’s take is so good, commenters debated whether there was really a cat in the video or not! But Larry is there, promise! Here’s a hint: as you watch the 11-second clip, focus on the ‘Love You’ bear and the stuffed kitty beside it.

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Repeat Performance

Because the cat video was such a smash and her cats are top-notch hiders, Gosia and the kitties treated TikTok with another hide-and-seek video just a couple of days later. In their second installment, the cat mom asks, “How many cats can you find?”

@5crazycatsHow many cats can you find? ##funny ##viral ##fypシ ##petlover ##crazycatlady ##kitten ##foryou ##funnycats ##trending♬ original sound – animalsdoingthings

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Feature Image: @5crazycats/TikTok