Guy Who’s Afraid Of Cats Finds Kitty In Bedroom After Leaving Window Ajar

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 22, 2024

Fate often works in mysterious ways. The story we are about to share is proof of that! In the video posted below, a man encounters a cat in the most unusual way. The seemingly nice guy left his window ajar to allow some fresh air into his bedroom. He was doing daily chores around the house when he suddenly heard a noise coming from upstairs. He made his way back to his bedroom to find a feline sitting on his windowsill. And he doesn’t have a cat! The guy nearly fainted! First, he’s afraid of cats. Second, he’s highly allergic.

He backs away, uncertain of what he should do. His phobia is evident, but then he realizes the cat is likely more afraid of him. When he concentrates on calming down, his demeanor changes. He admits that he is likely afraid of cats because his allergy has prohibited him from being exposed to them. Still, he has no idea what to do with this furry little stranger.

The guy thinks she must be hungry and runs downstairs to get a piece of ham. He places it on the bed, unsure if cats even like ham. Then, the man does something completely unexpected! (You must watch the video to find out what he does 😉 Afterward, they continue to look at one another until the cat realizes she can’t remain there forever. She jumps down, and the man is still afraid but a bit encouraged. His fear is lessening!

Then, just as swiftly as the cat came into the house, she runs down the hallway, the stairway, and out of the front door. The man is certain (as he explains in the video) that the encounter was the universe’s way of sending him a message: Cats are gentle creatures, and there is no reason to be afraid of them. To see the whole story unfold, play the video below.

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