Kitty Stumbles On His Meows As He Watches The Birdies From The Window

| Published on March 1, 2017

Cats aren’t known for being the most communicative of animals to the general population, but experts and owners will disagree. Most people with cats can attest to their ability to communicate through body language, facial expressions and even their voice. However, they might not always be talking to us.


Take this cat, for example. He’s sitting inside watching birds through the window. We all know that birds and squirrels will tease our cats from the outside and this feline is not amused.

But instead of trying to hunt them, he’s just grumbling to himself about the nuisance. It’s almost as if he’s going on about how annoying these birds are and how he just can’t wait to get outside and catch them once the weather brightens up. He sort of reminds us of a grumpy neighbor who likes to sit on the porch and mumble about the rambunctious children of the neighborhood. Whatever this cat is thinking, it’s pretty funny!


Cats are much more intelligent and talkative than most people give them credit for. Being avid hunters, it’s no surprise that this cat is watching the birds while sitting inside on the windowsill. If we could reach them, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t be doing as much grumbling as he would chasing and catching!