Guy Heard Tiny Meows From Inside Wall, Cut A Hole And Reached In

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 10, 2023

Hope For Paws was called in when a guy heard tiny meows coming from his wall. Rescuers arrived and used a scope to locate the kitten. They saw a tiny face on the screen and knew they had to act fast. Lead rescuer Eldad sawed a small opening and reached inside. To his amazement, there were two babies, and they were only a couple of weeks old!

The kittens were pulled out one at a time, but Mama was nowhere to be found. Rescuers wrapped the kittens in blankets to keep them warm. The volunteers then brought them back to the rescue center. Both babies were fed and given a bath. The tiny kitties snuggled together, happy to be safe and sound.

The siblings needed some time to grow, and boy, did they ever! Soon they became feisty, playful critters, having a ball with toys and play tunnels. Their adorable faces say it all; they’re officially ready to find their forever homes.

We are so grateful for this rescue! Thank you to the kind homeowner and Hope For Paws. Because of you, two lives were saved!

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