Kittens Hopping Around In Their Playpin Is Irresistably Adorable!!

Wheee! What’s happened to our floor? It’s so nice, smooth, soft and slippery! Oh wait, watch me sliiiiide! Oh yeah, watch me tumble!! Let’s all hop round like rabbits! Me, I can hop! Me too! And me! And meee!

Seems like the kitties are enjoying the tarp that their owner placed on the floor to run around in but it ended up as their playpen and they’re going gaga over it, acting like those kitty cats in Kittens Gone Wild! They’re are so hilarious and cute, they’re surely having the best time of their lives! You know what the vid reminds me of? When hallways have been waxed that you can just take off your shoes, slide from one end of the hall to the other on your socks – wasn’t that a riot for you too?

Phew! This video is so much fun to watch but it sure tuckered me out, what about you? Now come on and show this to other cat lovers. I bet they’ll have a blast too! 🙂

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