Kitten Waiting To Be Adopted Knows Exactly How To Turn On The Charm

| Published on November 15, 2015

Are you looking for your daily dose of cuteness? Well look no further, because we’ve got the perfect video for you!The kitty in the video below is gonna be the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

While we don’t know the back story of this video, but according to the caption on Facebook, this kitty wants to be taken home so bad. It appears that this cutie loves the attention because when the humans approach him, he starts jumping. It’s like he’s saying, “Please get me out of here! Somebody please take me home!”

Watch the video below!

日本一位小哥(1Nssu)昨天在寵物店看到一隻小貓好像在說帶我回家帶我回家……然而帶回家一段時間就不是這副樣子了,別問我怎麼知道的 :)take me home take me home

Posted by 蘇膺中 on Monday, November 9, 2015

I gotta admit this kitty captured my heart the moment I laid eyes on him. But when he starts jumping…I just wanna pick him up, take him home, and shower him with love.

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