Kitten Shot Twice and Thrown In Dumpster Miraculously Survives

| Published on June 14, 2015

In Portland Oregon, a kitten miraculously survived after being found in a dumpster with two gunshot wounds. Twelve-week-old Louie (formerly named Lucy) sustained two shot wounds, one in the head and the other on his neck. He was then wrapped with a trash bag and then left to die in a dumpster of an apartment building. Fortunately, a concerned citizen found him and rushed her to the Oregon Human Society (OHS).

Louie went through a horrible ordeal, but he survived. The poor kitten is now under the care of OHS. They suspect that Louie was shot with an air rifle or a .22 caliber firearm. Watch the video below and you will see Louie recovering from that trauma he went through.

Update on Louie:

This little fighter was adopted by his loving foster parents! Although his hearing and sight is impaired on the side of his head where he was shot, he is still as happy, playful, and loving as any other cat. We are so glad that he got a second chance – and we hope that the monster who hurt him gets caught and punished.

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