Scared Kitten Hiding Beneath A Truck Finds A Home

| Published on March 12, 2024

Kittens often find themselves in tricky predicaments, with indoor escapades typically resulting in cute mishaps. However, for a kitten alone in the world, such situations can pose real threats. This was the case for a small, frightened kitten who found itself in peril. Fortunately, a compassionate soul was nearby and stepped in to save the day.

The tabby kitten found itself alone in a busy parking lot with the noise of the city and traffic all around. But the kitten wasn’t to be alone for long. Reddit user JustAnotherGoodGuy reported spotting the kitten under a truck not far from his office building. He said, “The mama kitty ran off… and ditched the kitten.”

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He sent his wife a picture of the kitten, asking “Can I bring it home?”

She was sold, responding, “Who could say no to that face?”

As the mother cat had lived in the office park for a couple years, the kitten’s hero looked for litter mates, but found none. Once the man had coaxed the little one out from under the truck, he and his wife took their new fur baby, Axel, to a veterinarian for a look over. “Got shots, the whole new kitten package.”

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At the vet, they learned Axel was a little lady and only 4-5 weeks old. She would need to be weaned, but as she’d already claimed their hearts, her new parents would do anything Axel needed.

From Alone to Home

The once lonely kitten became a happy, healthy house kitten.

Axel blended right in at her new home. “She has made herself right at home with our 19 year old cat and 2 year old dog.” Senior kitty Othello probably enjoyed having a kitten to watch and surely their young dog of two was excited for a new playmate.

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A fellow Reddit user asked if Axel the kitten had been scared upon first coming home. The delighted parents responded Axel was scared at first, but “now she’s sitting on the sofa with a full belly.”

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Of their newest family member, the happy family said, “She’s safe, sound, warm, and… loved.”

They also said Axel is a purrfect addition to their home.

We’re so happy to hear of this happy ending for Axel the kitten. May she grow into a spoiled house cat without a care. Seems like she’s already on her way!

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