This Sneaky Cat Knows Exactly How To Surprise His Sibling

| Published on July 14, 2015

Cats are very sneaky creatures. They are like little furry ninjas! Their amazing hunting skills make them very good at stalking and sneaking up on their prey. Don’t you agree?

It’s hilarious when cats sneak up on other cats when they play. We just love how serious they look when they sneak up on another cat. And we especially love the surprised reaction of the cat they’re sneaking up on!

In the video below, a cat is hiding under a watermelon bed. He’s going undercover, and he’s planning a sneaky surprise attack! Watch what happens when another cat approaches the watermelon bed! He sure is in for a big surprise!

LOL! The poor kitty was so startled that he ran away! But no need to worry, they are good pals and they are just playing around!

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