Couple Swaps Flower Bouquet For A Cat Toss On Their Wedding Day

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 20, 2024

At their wedding in Tampa, Florida, Cassie and Jonathan Roth creatively altered the traditional bouquet toss by replacing it with a “cat toss.” Instead of throwing a floral bouquet, they tossed a plush toy shaped like a black cat, complete with shimmering gold-rimmed eyes. This inventive twist was not just for fun; it carried a significant purpose. The guest who caught the plush cat made a commitment to adopt a rescue kitten, symbolizing and celebrating the couple’s profound love for cats. This thoughtful inclusion added a unique and meaningful element to their special day.

To bring this idea to life, the couple enlisted the help of Ilana Karcinski and Kelly Nova, the founders of FairyTail Pet Care, a company dedicated to incorporating pets into wedding celebrations. While Cassie’s bridesmaid caught the plush cat, the event facilitated the adoption of more than one kitten. In partnership with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, FairyTail Pet Care introduced five charming kittens to the wedding guests during the cocktail hour, which featured drinks named after the couple’s cats. This provided a perfect opportunity for guests to interact with the kittens and consider adding a new member to their family.

Cassie revealed that her bond with Jonathan grew over their shared love for cats since their high school days. The cat toss not only highlighted this shared passion but also became a viral sensation after FairyTail Pet Care posted it on TikTok, attracting over 4 million views.

Play the video below to see the couple’s unique take on the age-old bouquet toss. Would you consider a cat toss at your event, or do you have another innovative idea to incorporate your pets? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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