Jon Stewart Shares ‘Heartfelt’ Tribute to His ‘Best Boy’ Dog, Dipper, on The Daily Show

| Published on February 29, 2024

Jon Stewart, known for his wit and humor as the host of “The Daily Show,” shared a heartwarming story about his beloved dog, Dipper. About 12 or 13 years ago, Jon’s children decided they wanted to help raise funds for Animal Haven, a no-kill animal shelter in New York City known for its incredible work with cats and dogs. To support the cause, the Stewart family baked cupcakes and set up a small table outside the shelter, hoping to draw attention and aid to Animal Haven‘s mission.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Daily Show via YouTube Video


As a special incentive to attract donors, the shelter brought out a one-year-old brindle pit bull that had been hit by a car in Brooklyn and, as a result, lost his right leg. The moment they put the dog in Jon’s lap, something magical happened. Despite initially attending the event to support the shelter, the Stewarts left that day with a new family member – the resilient pit bull they named Dipper.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Daily Show via YouTube Video

Dipper wasn’t just any dog; he was, as Jon puts it, “in a world of good boys, he was the best.”

Dipper became a regular at “The Daily Show,” joining the ranks of the OG Daily Show dog crew alongside Parker, Quali, and Riot. He waited for Jon every day to finish taping the show, during which time Dipper met a wide array of guests, from actors and authors to presidents and kings. In a humorous twist, Jon recounted how Dipper managed to do what even the Taliban could not: put a scare into Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Daily Show via YouTube Video


But all stories, no matter how filled with love and laughter, have their endings. Jon shared with a heavy heart that Dipper had passed away the day before he shared this story. He acknowledged that while Dipper was ready and tired, he himself was not prepared to say goodbye. The Stewart family was grateful to have been together with Dipper in his final moments. Jon’s wish for everyone is that they find their “Dipper” – that one special dog who makes life truly the best.

Jon concluded his story with a “moment of zen,” a homage to his show’s tradition, featuring Dipper playing with his ball, encapsulating the joy and love he brought into their lives. This story, told with Jon Stewart’s characteristic blend of humor and emotion, reminds us of the profound impact pets have on our lives, teaching us about resilience, joy, and the importance of cherishing every moment with our beloved companions.

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