Job Posting For The Cat Circus Proves That Dream Careers Really Do Exist

Have you ever dreamed of running away to join the circus? How about making a living while being surrounded by cats? Have you ever fantasized about sharing the spotlight with felines?

Well, we’re here to inform you: NOW. IS. YOUR. CHANCE.

According to a job posting on Craigslist, the Amazing Acro-cats are hiring a tour assistant for the Chicago-based troupe.

Rock Cats
Image Source: The Amazing Acro-Cats via Craigslist


As written on the post, some job duties include “cat wrangling,” animal care, coordinating volunteers, and supporting the master trainer–added bonus if you can drive a 45-ft tour bus!

If images of caged creatures being forced to perform tricks against their will has got you wary, fear not. The Acro-cats are all rescues whose goal is to raise awareness for their fellow felines needing forever homes.

Acro Cat
Image Source: The Amazing Acro-Cats via Craigslist


They are trained using only positive reinforcement methods, and according to Huffington Post, they sometimes even “quit doing tricks altogether and just go wandering out into the audience.”(Because who can ever force a cat to do something against their will? Amiright?!)

The gig allows you to travel all over the country and includes lots of time on the road. But this decked out tour bus (aka, a purring paradise) will make you and your cat co-workers feel at home, no matter where you are.


Check out the Amazing Acro-cats in action!

Have you polished up your resume yet? 

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