Woman Wants Her Cat To Be A Kitten Again After Receiving ‘Crushing News’

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 25, 2024

Jandy, a dedicated volunteer for a local animal shelter, received a call about a kitten found underneath a dumpster on hot cement. Though the caller eventually decided to keep the kitten, Jandy felt compelled to check the area for any other kittens. Her intuition led her to find a unique little cat named Bruce, who would soon become the most remarkable soul she has ever encountered. While searching through the dumpsters, Jandy heard a loud meow coming from the last one, and there she found Bruce. Despite her efforts to locate his mother, Jandy could never find her.

However, she managed to contact the woman who had taken in Bruce’s sister. Realizing that the two kittens would have a better chance of surviving together, Jandy fostered both babies, providing them with the care and love they needed. As time went on, Jandy found a loving home for Bruce’s sister, Duke, while she decided to keep Bruce herself.

Jandy and Bruce’s bond grew stronger each day, and Jandy quickly realized that she could never trust anyone else with her beloved cat. Bruce’s adventurous spirit and undeniable love for Jandy made them inseparable. Unfortunately, at eight months old, Bruce suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma. Jandy rushed him to a veterinary oncologist, who provided him with a rescue remedy and began an eight-month-long treatment. Despite the bleak prognosis, Jandy refused to give up on her precious cat. Miraculously, Bruce went into remission, shocking everyone involved in his care.

Together, Jandy and Bruce embarked on numerous adventures, from trips to the river to playing with his littermates and friends. Sadly, Bruce relapsed in July, and the prognosis was once again grim. However, Bruce has defied the odds and is doing incredibly well. His pain is well-managed, and he continues to be a happy, playful cat.

Bruce has a unique way of communicating with Jandy, with a different meow for every situation. He even has a special scream for when Jandy leaves the house without him, as he never wants to be left at home alone. Their unbreakable bond and Bruce’s miraculous journey are a testament to the power of love and determination.

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