Two Cats Spared From Certain Death; One Of Them Can’t Stop Smiling!

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on January 14, 2016

Meet Pofak and Tennessee. Both were saved from certain death by the Iranian rescue group called Cats of Ekbatan. Because of this organization–and its generous Instagram and Facebook followers, who funded the kitties’ miraculous recoveries–Tennesee and Pofak are now healthy and happy with their family in New York. Special thanks goes out to Iman Tavassoly, who shared this story with us.

Pofak, which means to “cheesepuff” in Persian, was found on the street and unable to breathe, due to a severely damaged diaphragm.

1. Pofak before surgery
“Pofak before surgery,” courtesy of Iman Tavassoly.

When Cats of Ekbatan followers heard Pofak’s story, they began donating money to fund her surgery. The tenacious cat pulled through, but one problem remained: no one would adopt her.

2. Pofak after surgery
“Pofak after surgery,” courtesy of Iman Tavassoly.

Then, another miracle happened. A loving couple from New York saw her online, and her new mom traveled all the way to Tehran to take her home!

3. Pofak in New York
“Pofak in New York,” courtesy of Iman Tavassoly.

Today, Pofak is a “people cat,” wanting nothing more than to give love to the people around her, thanks to the good-hearted humans who saved her life!

4.Pofak in New York
“Pofak in New York,” Iman Tavassoly.

Next, meet Tennessee.

He was barely alive when he was found by a passer-by in Tehran, lying underneath a car. The gentleman was kind enough to scoop him up and take him to a vet, where there were some supporters of Cats of Ekbatan.

1. Tennessee when he was found
“Tennessee when he was found,” courtesy of Iman Tavassoly,

Tennessee could not eat, as there was a hole in his chin, and any food he tried to consume fell out of his mouth. But the group, along with their supporters and followers, had faith in Tennessee. He had surgery to repair his chin, and he gradually started to heal.

4.Tennessee in Vet Clinic in Tehran
“Tennessee in a vet clinic in Tehran,” courtesy of Iman Tavassoly.

Aside from giving him another chance at life, the surgery had one other adorable side effect: it left Tennessee with a permanent smile! What an amazing recovery.

9. Tennesee in one shot
“Tennessee in one shot,” courtesy of Iman Tavassoly.

Remember that family in New York who adopted Pofak? Well they wanted Tennessee, too! So they made the long journey, once more, from the United States to Tehran, to take this happy kitty home.

8. Tennessee upen arrival in New York
“Tennessee upon arrival in New York,” courtesy of Iman Tavassoly.

What a great story of generosity, optimism, and miracles.

Pofak and Tennessee’s story, in the words of  Iman Tavassoly:

From Tehran to Manhattan:

A Story of Miracle and Hope

“Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”- Shawshank Redemption

Both Tennessee and Pofak were saved by “Cats of Ekbatan” in Tehran, Iran. Cats of Ekbatan is an Instagram page running by Pet Lovers in Tehran which provides help for injured and abused cats. Pofak in Persian means “Cheese Puff”, Pofak was named “Cheese Puff” because she was very light when found. Pofak was found with a diaphragmatic rupture on a street. She was not able to breathe. People following “Cats of Ekbatan” page made donations and gave Pofak the opportunity to go under a surgery in a Vet clinic in Tehran. After surgery Pofak became well but no one was found to adopt her. Her current parents who live in New York City saw her photo in “Cats of Ekbatan” page and decided to bring her to USA. Pofak had a long trip with her mom to New York and finally she arrived in her new home in Manhattan. Pofak is a special cat, she is very attached to people and loves children so much. For her, being with people and loving them is the most important thing. She is very happy to find new people to share her love with them.

Tennessee was found almost dead under a car by a kind man in Tehran. The man took him to a Vet and supporters from “Cats of Ekbatan” were there and decided to help Tennessee fight the cruelty of life he had faced. Tennessee was in a very bad condition and there was a hole in his chin due to trauma and he was not able to eat food as the food was coming out of that hole. Tennessee and his supporters did not become disappointed and kept their hopes alive. Week by week, Tennessee became better and better. Tennessee survived although most optimistic people could not believe it. Finally parents of Pofak decided to bring Tennessee to live with Pofak. Tennessee and his father had a long trip from Tehran to Frankfurt and then to JFK airport in New York City. Both Tennessee and Pofak are now very happy living with their family and are going to be the ambassadors of hope for all pets in Iran and hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies.


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