INSANE Rescue Of Two Kittens In A Tree – You Have to See This!

| Published on October 5, 2015

I’ve watched a lot of rescue videos and never have I seen one like this!

A good Samaritan was riding home on his bike when he heard to little kittens meowing, he assumed, for their mother. While most may not have thought much of it, he looked to see where the kittens were at.

They were in a tree…10 meters (32.8 feet) up! Without a second thought, he ran home and got a rope.

He then uses his bike, to help him climb up the tree and attach the rope!


Clearly a skilled climber, he attaches the rope as he goes…


The first kitten is scared, and fights him and he grabs him carefully, so as not let him fall the almost 33 feet – which would be fatal for him.


After securing him, he then struggles to put the little guy in a bag he brought, to get him down the tree safe.


He then uses his rope system to lower the kitten down to the ground where a helper is waiting, who then sends the bag back up for the second kitten, who was even higher up in the tree and runs higher as the guy tries to get him.


But, he finally reaches the kitten kitten and it able to grab him safely!!

Safe and sound on the ground!!


Watch the whole thing from the guy’s GoPro Hero3…afraid of heights? Be prepared to feel queasy with this one!

How crazy is that!? Three cheers for this fearless hero! Have you ever seen a kitten get that high up in a tree?