Kitten With Smushed Legs Learns To Land On All Four Paws

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 17, 2024

A polydactyl kitten named Indie, known for her big paws and willful nature, was overjoyed when she finally experienced the freedom to run around. Just a month prior, this four-week-old kitten, with her bent leg, curled ears, and bobbed tail, was brought to the Friends For Life Rescue Network. Jacqueline Damore, the founder of the rescue, explained that Indie’s leg was bent due to her large paws in utero. The large litter size further exacerbated the issue by constricting her tendons. Indie had limited mobility, walking on her forearm.

Fortunately, Indie’s condition could be significantly improved with physical therapy. “This can usually be corrected with massaging and stretching as a newborn if noticed early. Four weeks was the prime age to splint and correct the leg before her bones calcify,” Jacqueline shared with Love Meow. After just one week of leg wraps, Indie could land on all four paws and walk more steadily. She soon became a ball of energy, full of sass and spirit.

Indie adores people and loves being spoiled. Adam and Margot, foster liaisons of the rescue, took care of her and were completely enamored with the little tabby. “Every time I sat down to feed her, Indie would jump right into my lap and wait for food. It melted my heart,” they shared. Even though Indie had to wear a wrap on her leg, she continued to play and interact with those around her. Thankfully, her leg straightened out quickly and only had to wear the wrap for a week.

At almost seven weeks old, Indie can stand up completely on her paws and run around like any other kitten. “Now that she’s gotten so steady on her feet, you can really see her playful side coming out. She loves to jump around, chase things, and wrestle with toys. Once she’s good and tired, she comes right up for cuddles.” Indie enjoys scampering around at full speed, trying to pounce on the larger resident cats. When she’s ready to rest, she likes to put herself to bed in her favorite cat bed. “She goes there every time she feels tired,” Jacqueline shared.

Indie also loves making biscuits on soft blankets while purring up a storm. Thrilled to be able to run around without a care in the world, she is brave, playful, and adventurous, enjoying every little thing in life.

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