Heroic Cat Rescues Dog Sister from Sneaky Coyote Attack

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 25, 2024

In the quiet suburb of Edmond, Oklahoma, a touching story of bravery and friendship has captured the hearts of animal lovers.

This story features Oakley, a lively Havanese dog, and Binx, a former stray cat who now belongs to the Dyer family. Their tale is not just about their friendship but also about a surprising act of courage.

Binx came into the Dyer family almost by accident. “She was [a] neighborhood cat [who] just showed up when she was about two months old,” said Lane Dyer, the owner.

This mysterious cat quickly became a loved part of the family and formed a special bond with Oakley, the family dog. The brave act that showed Binx’s courage happened on November 30th.

Oakley was outside for her usual bathroom break when a coyote, a common but dangerous animal in Oklahoma, attacked her. Coyotes often come into suburban areas, threatening smaller pets. The situation got worse when a second coyote joined in, putting Oakley in even more danger.

In an amazing turn of events, Binx jumped into action. “[Binx] jumped down and scared them off, it was the craziest thing ever,” Dyer recalled with amazement.

This brave cat faced two wild coyotes, showing a level of courage rarely seen in pets. Her actions were timely and heroic, saving Oakley from a possibly deadly attack.

However, Oakley was badly hurt.

“[The coyotes] cut her open and she was gushing blood, you know, from her chest and her side,” Dyer described the scary scene.

Coyote attacks can be very severe because of their sharp teeth and strong jaws, which can cause serious injuries. The Dyers rushed Oakley to the nearest veterinary hospital for emergency care. There, Oakley received stitches and a splint for her leg. At first, the vets worried they might have to amputate her leg because of the severity of her injuries.

Thankfully, Oakley was very strong and made a full recovery, keeping her leg. In the days following the attack, Oakley slowly returned to her happy self, much to the Dyer family’s relief. They were very thankful for Oakley’s recovery and deeply moved by Binx’s brave actions.

“It was inspiring to see just our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and run them off,” Dyer said, full of admiration and gratitude.

Binx, now seen as a little hero, remains alert, watching over the surroundings. Her actions not only saved Oakley but also highlighted the deep bond she shares with her dog friend. This incident reminds us of the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters in suburban areas and the amazing bravery pets can show.

Binx, once a stray cat, has become a symbol of courage and loyalty, proving that even the smallest among us can make a big difference.

As communities continue to grow into natural habitats, encounters with wildlife are becoming more common, stressing the need for vigilance and strategies to live together safely. In the end, the Dyers are just happy to have their beloved pets safe and sound.

This incident has strengthened the bond within their animal family and delivered a powerful message about the unexpected heroes in our lives. Binx, a humble cat with a fierce spirit, has shown that courage and love truly know no bounds.

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