Woman’s Gentle Coaxing To Lore Cat Inside Is Useless Till Her Dog Leads The Way

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 28, 2024

We know that cats are lovely creatures of high intelligence. What many people don’t know about felines if they don’t own a cat is that they’re also very loyal. This story, and the video below, is about a kitty named Gunner. Gunner became smitten with a neighboring dog named Emmie. Whenever Emmie’s mama took her on a walk, Gunner followed. He knew exactly where the pup lived and would linger outside their front door after their walks on a daily basis. Emmie’s mom recognized the cat’s fascination with Emmie and invited Gunner inside the home.

Gunner stayed on the front porch due to fear and uncertainty. He wanted Emmie to come back outside to play with her, but it was cold and Emmie had to remain indoors. Emmie’s mama wanted Gunner to come enjoy the warmth of the home and begged him to enter. When he continued to refuse, Emmie’s mom knew she had her work cut out for her.

After coaxing the cat with gentle words of encouragement for weeks, Gunner finally ventured inside. Both Emmie and Emmie’s mom were delighted! The cat, who belongs to a neighbor, received a special gift that would make access to Emmie’s home a lot easier. Wait until you see what Emmie’s mom did for the deserving feline! It’s utterly adorable!

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